1971 War: Myths and Realities


  • Sadoon Masood PhD Scholar, Department of Political Science, Government College University Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Dr. Muhammad Imran Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, GC Women University Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Arslan Visiting Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Government College University Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan




Bangladesh, Death Toll, Genocide in East Pakistan, Geographic Disintegration, Incompetence of Political Elite, Nationalistic Mythologies, War Crimes


The catastrophic event of 1971 separation of East Pakistan is great riddle for researchers. Large number of books and articles are available on this issue, but the quest of truth is still prevailing in the academic sphere. The estimated numbers of causalities are the main controversial point in the minds of people especially the concerned parties. Bangladesh side claims that there were massive war crimes from the Pakistani army including torture, killing and rapes. Where the Pakistan stance is different due to the responsibility burden, Pakistan consider Bangladesh stance as an exaggeration and denunciation. Indian side also back Bangladesh’s propaganda due to its rivalry with Pakistan. Neutral observers provide some use full details on the death toll of 1971 which is more near to the stance of effected party. Some of the writers declare it great deception from Pakistan army which undermines the causalities. Some claim it as ethnic cleansing or genocide. The purpose of this research is to present the true picture of war Realities which would be more balanced and neutral description of 1971. Both primary and secondary data has been taken from government reports, research articles, newspapers etc.





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