Impact of Social Change on Individual’s Behavior: A Study of Human Development


  • Dr. Tahira Mumtaz Lecturer, Political Science , Government College Women University, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Yaqoob Hijazi Lecturer, International Relations, University of Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Dr. Muhammad Waris Associate Professor, GAC Shahpur Sadar, District Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan



Challenges, Individual’s Behavior, Social Change, Society


Social change can refer to a quick, profound restructuring of social, economic, and political structures, or it might mean a gradual development of new lifestyles.The main objective of this study is to examine how people respond to societal change, including how they perceive, experience, and act upon it, as well as how these responses impact human development. For analysing all these changes, qualitative research methodology is opted while taking all changes into considerations through analytical method which focused on systematic analysis. Human development could be understood by researching how individuals develop in a dynamic social environment. This study interlinks social change and human development, two very different phenomena, by viewing individual’s behavior as an active, lifelong process during these times of social change. The current rapid pace of social, technological, and economic change should be accepted and new ways of development must be adopted so that social change can impact on the human development directly and it could be beneficial for the whole society.





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Mumtaz, T., Hijazi, M. Y., & Waris, M. (2024). Impact of Social Change on Individual’s Behavior: A Study of Human Development. Annals of Human and Social Sciences, 5(2), 242–253.

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